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Conveyancing Solicitor can help simplify the process of remortgaging your home in the UK by connecting you with experienced and specialized conveyancers in your area. We offer affordable and fixed fee services, with no hidden extras, and a dedicated client services team available seven days a week to answer your queries and provide support. With our up to 75% savings compared to going directly to the law firm, we can help you get a better deal on your remortgaging process. Choose Conveyancing Solicitor for a stress-free and efficient remortgaging experience in the UK.

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Why use our platform to get 75% off legal fees for the remortgage of a property

Our conveyancing service is built around what typical home buyers and sellers want and the foundation starts with the quality, and  experience of our fantastic solicitors.

Online reviews, client experiences, knowing your team, the location and access to an app combined with excellent communication are important to experience a sooth and efficient completion.

Conveyancing Solicitor vets each regulated and accredited solicitor on our conveyancing panel giving you access to the best conveyancers for a fraction of the price.

Conveyancing Solicitor Reviews

Sarah J.
Buying in Aldagate
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I used Conveyancing Solicitor to sell my home and was pleasantly surprised by their efficiency and communication. They took care of everything from start to finish and made the whole process stress-free. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and affordable conveyancing service.
Mark T.
Selling in Guilford
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I was a bit skeptical about using an online conveyancing service, but Conveyancing Solicitor exceeded my expectations. They were fast, reliable, and kept me updated throughout the process. I would definitely recommend them for anyone looking for a seamless conveyancing experience.
Tom S.
Transfer of Equity in Manchester
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Conveyancing Solicitor provided a great service when I was buying my dream home. They were always available to answer any questions I had and kept me informed throughout the process. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for a professional and personable conveyancing service.

Choosing a solicitor to remortgage a home

Choosing the right solicitor is important when you’re remortgaging a property in the UK. A solicitor can handle the legal aspects of the process, including reviewing the new mortgage offer, checking the title to the property, and dealing with the lender’s solicitors. They will also manage the conveyancing process to ensure that the new mortgage is registered correctly, and handle the transfer of funds from the lender to you. At Conveyancing Solicitor, we work with experienced and dedicated conveyancers who can help you navigate the remortgaging process with ease. We offer affordable fixed-fee services, a dedicated client services team available seven days a week, and a stress-free and efficient remortgaging experience. Choose Conveyancing Solicitor for a hassle-free and seamless remortgaging experience.

What does a solicitor do when I'm remortgaging a home?

When you’re remortgaging your home in the UK, a solicitor can handle a variety of legal tasks to ensure that the process is smooth and stress-free. These tasks include reviewing the new mortgage offer, checking the title to the property, dealing with the lender’s solicitors, managing the conveyancing process, and ensuring that the new mortgage is registered correctly. The solicitor will also handle the transfer of funds from the lender to you. At Conveyancing Solicitor, our experienced and specialised conveyancers can provide you with a seamless remortgaging experience. We offer fixed-fee services, a dedicated client services team available seven days a week, and fraud protection to ensure that your remortgaging process is secure and efficient. Trust Conveyancing Solicitor to handle the legal aspects of your remortgaging process in the UK.

Helping you every step of your move

Our advice centre features frequently asked questions by home buyers and sellers just like you!

Why instruct a conveyancer as soon as an offer has been accepted?

In many cases, if you are buying a property, the agent will not take the property off the market until you have confirmed a solicitor.

As soon as you are about to confirm a sale, you may hear the question, ‘Who is your solicitor?’. The agent in this case is getting the transaction ready to be confirmed so the next stage can start without delay. Without these details, typically the property will not be taken off the market. The same can also be said if you are selling.

Most transactions fall through within the first few weeks so it is important to be organised and ensure you have chosen a suitable law firm that can cater to your requirements when asked.

When will I get direct contact details of my solicitor so I can pass them over to the agent / mortgage broker?


Once you are ready to proceed with your quote, a friendly member of our client services department will call you to confirm some basic details and set up your conveyancing with your local solicitor.

You are then sent an email confirmation along with your confirmed details of your dedicated case handler. We will even call your estate agent to introduce ourselves and confirm the details with them so they can take the property off the market!

I've not confirmed my mortgage lender yet, can I still proceed?


It is not necessary to have a mortgage in place if you already have had an offer accepted. At this stage, it is important to confirm your solicitor details with your agent showing your intention to purchase the property. Working with a Law firm that covers you for no move no fee in these situations is essential so you are not left out of pocket should your mortgage not go through and you are forced to pull out of the purchase.

Conveyancing Solicitor offers a conclusive no move no fee guarantee and works with every major UK mortgage lender which means you are safe to instruct our solicitors even if you haven’t confirmed a lender. 
This saves you time, money and most importantly progresses the transaction which means your purchase is less likely to fall through.

Most solicitors in the UK only work with a handful of mortgage lenders, so it may be seen as a risk to conduct the services of a law firm that may not be able to work with your prospective mortgage lender.

What is a free search pack guarantee?

Should your transaction fall through, one of the biggest fees to hit your pocket is to pay for searches again on the next property.


We won’t let that happen.


Our free search pack guarantee offers a 2nd search pack at no cost to you should your first property purchase fall through.
There will be no further costs for disbursements if you have already paid on the first property. 


The remainder of your quoted fees will be paid as normal on the completion of your property transaction.

Is my conveyancer local?


Our main criteria is to ensure that your chosen solicitor is as local as possible. All of our law firms are regulated and strictly vetted to ensure they are able to provide you with the best service possible. We only choose great solicitors with great reviews and a great reputation to enhance the home buying and selling experience for you. 

We factor your location, the type of transaction, e.g. freehold or leasehold, new build or auction property, any completion target requirements and general service requests to ensure the best suited solicitor is working closely with you at a fraction of the cost that you would expect to pay. 

Are there any additional charges?

As long as you have provided the correct information from the outset to generate your fixed and all-inclusive quote, you will not be charged anything extra and your price will not change.

What if I can't get hold of my solicitor?

As a client of Conveyancing Solicitor, you have access to our client services team every day, 7 days a week.

You are able to call us, email us and send us a text.
We will respond back to ensure your transaction stays on course and is progressing to completion as swiftly as possible.

Our goal is to provide a great home buying and selling experience for you. 

How we can help you today

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