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Conveyancing-solicitor.co.uk mission is to make conveyancing clear, easy & affordable. That’s why we have compiled this easy to use list of trusted professional conveyancers that meet our strict criteria for service that can operate in your area. To ensure you are given the best quality of service each partner must first prove that they are regulated by CLC, SRA, LSS, LSNI or CILEx. This means that your conveyancers are held to a high standard put in place by their regulatory body and must maintain a high quality of service at all times. 

Further to this before they are awarded our TRUSTED CONVEYANCER AWARD  our client success team access their firm in 4 key areas…

Are they easy to work with? ​

Meaning that from start to finish they are accessible, easily contactable. There is nothing worse than constantly going back and forth over emails which can slow things down by weeks or even months. You will be able to jump on a call with our solicitors in under 24 hours.

Is the process clear?

The firms keep you in the loop. There is nothing worse than for you to now know the state of your transaction. This means that by having out TRUSTED CONVEYANCER AWARD our conveyancer will be providing you with clear milestones from start to finish and explain complex issues that can arise.


As a Conveyaning-Solicitor.co.uk member you are eligible for year long discounts to quality firms on your conveyancing fees that would not be available should you go direct. 

Simply select your location below to gain some information about conveyancing in your area and contact our team to talk you through your options.

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